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I Want My Travel Inc (IWMT) is a California Corporation based in San Diego, California. We have been existence for 19 years and 2022 will be our 20th Birthday!

Our Agents have decades of experience in the travel field. Their extensive travels have placed them in a unique position of what Companies need and the traveler requires. Sadly the current system falls short on many fronts and this is where IWMT steps in to make sure its customers receive “white glove service” at every step of the way!

Our SABRE Global Distribution System (GDS) is the backbone of our automation suite. Working hand in hand with the GDS, our online booking tool : GetThere  is used by most of the major companies in the world today. Easily interfaceable with expense software,  our Distribution system “TripCase” and our back office system of “Tres technologies,”  we are very well placed to serve the needs of the Corporate Traveler. Our customers range from very large to one person. We treat all with the same level of care and drive savings and service at every step of the way.

We are a proud member of Travel Leaders Group. This global marketing group encompasses over 9,000 agencies in the USA alone and affords us bulk buying power affording us and our clients incredible opportunities on many levels. Having elite status with many suppliers allows us to have “large brand punch” AND retain our unique one on one appeal that our customers know and love.

After the COVID epidemic, travel is awakening once again but this time we are faced with many different needs and requirements than ever before. Duty of care, travel requirements, quarantine and testing can change on an almost daily basis. We are proud to make sure our clients have the most up to date information on each of their trips. Cost is still a major factor however we are faced with a system that requires far more booking and fulfillment than ever before.

Our travel policy design and enforcement policy has saved our Corporate accounts millions of dollars in overall savings, not only in the bottom line cost for each trip but actually getting the travelers to & from their destination so sales meetings can go ahead, deals get closed and then get home in a  timely manner. This is where having us on board shows everyone why we are so good at what we do. The savings on this cannot be quantified but we are the reason why the planned trip comes to fulfilment and consequently, the whole idea behind the trip comes to fruition.

The leisure traveler is not forgotten either! Launching soon is our new Elite Travel Membership Service for our leisure customers which will ensure our incredible white glove service is passed on to leisure travelers and will include deals driven directly to needs and desires ,along with a suite of extras that will make membership worthwhile!

We are passionate about what we do. Our abilities set us far apart from other agencies. We hope you will want to bring us on board so we can fulfil our role to be an integral part of your team.

Thank you!

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