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I Want My Travel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sandbach Holdings LLC .On 25 NOV 2002, a Type V ownership change was approved and Sandbach Holdings assumed control of Pak N Go Travel. From that day forward, the Pak N Go name was dropped and replaced with “I Want My Travel.”

General partner and CEO is Stuart Rice, who has 18 years experience in the travel field. Having traveled extensively, Stuart understands the needs of the business traveler. He is in an ideal position to act as an agent for corporate travelers. Being an expert on SABRE, he has been asked many times to speak, consult and beta test many aspects of the Computer Reservation System (CRS) that we see in place today. We are a proud member of This marketing group encompasses over 9,000 agencies in the USA alone and has bulk purchasing power that affords incredible opportunities on many levels. Having elite status with many suppliers allows us to have a "large brand image" but retain our unique one on one appeal to our customers.

The skills of our Information Technology Director, Anthony Nudelman, will enable I Want My Travel to stay on the cutting edge of web, reservation and travel technology. His experience and knowledge will enable us to increase our Internet market presence with many exciting new developments coming online, including a real time booking engine.

Our Internet presence can be felt through many avenues. The website links to our website. We have already expanded this further to enable business traveler profiles to be completed online as well as weekly specials being explained and promoted. We have subscribes to Sabre.res and linked our new booking engine into the front page of our web site. Reservations are simply dropped onto queue for us to ticket. Our client desires and plans are made. Then we are allowed us to offer suggestions and alternatives in our professional capacity.

The future holds many exciting prospects for our company. We know and understand that times are difficult for our accounts and we strive to make every travel dollar stretch as far as it possibly can. Our travel policy design and enforcement policy has saved our Corporate accounts millions in overall sales by utilizing our highly discounted negotiated rates with airlines, hotels and cars. This year we are looking to increase both our Corporate and Leisure departments by recruiting more staff and increasing their customer service and ability levels by in depth training and coaching.

Above all, we work as though we are an integral part of your team. We are passionate about what we do to help you on a daily basis. Our ideas think “outside the box” and this is what sets us apart from other agencies. By being proactive on the options available to us, we work quickly on the today but look forward to the future analyzing data and ensuring you get the best deal possible.